Cherry Valley Holistics

love your pet’s wild side.

Give them the nutrition nature intended—pure, raw, species-appropriate, ecologically sound food and health supplements.

Ashley LeVoy

Founder and President

About Us

We are pet owners, just like you, who set out on a mission to produce superior, transparent, species appropriate diets after seeing little change in the industry and wanting more for our dogs. Inspired by our local pet owner community and incredible family owned farms, Cherry Valley Holistics was born in 2017 with a promise to provide a different kind of raw pet food for your pets, and experience for you as an owner.

Responsibly Sourced & Produced

We take great pride in working with reputable, sustainable farms across the United States. All of whom hold the exact same standards for quality and care as we do. Our recipes are simple, straight forward, and never over-processed. These formulas have been carefully crafted to not simply meet the minimum requirements, but the recommended allowance to provide your dog with the nutrients they need to thrive, not just survive. We do not use high pressure pasteurization or denaturants, such as charcoal.

Experience to Expertise

After raw feeding for nearly 20 years, I was still disappointed with the availability and most importantly the quality of raw food available on the market. This is how Cherry Valley Holistics was founded and became what it is today. Our promise to you is that you will never have to question the quality of the raw materials and the end product you are feeding your beloved pet. Through our experience and education, we have fine tuned our formulas to produce limited ingredient diets that have proven successful through both physical and laboratory results. Our dedication is to improving the lives of pets, while supporting and advocating for sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

I am so happy to have found Cherry Valley Holistics! I have fed raw meat to my dogs for decades. Many of the components to a good raw diet can be hard to find, difficult to determine the source, or time consuming to make. It's so nice to have a reliable provider for many of those items now and I trust the source. I am particularly happy with the chicken and beef broth. My dogs love it and are doing so great on it. My vet is happy with my dog's health and I love their shiny coats! I highly recommend it!

We LOVE our Cherry Valley Holistics products! Plus the service is incredible - Ashley never disappoints! Britta says "Thank you" for the dehydrated duck foot chews!
I highly recommend Cherry Valley Holistics. My dogs and cats have immensely benefitted from the many products I have tried and continue to use. I also like knowing that much thought and humane care go into producing these products. I have been super impressed with the response time, the knowledge, and information that is provided to me personally, as well as the informative posts on the Facebook page.
Ashley is very knowledgeable and helpful, providing outstanding customer service!