Raw Pork Blend for Dogs & Cats


Enjoy the benefits of our Raw Pork Blend, containing 70% pork muscle meat, 10% pork bone, 10% heart, 5% liver, and 5% spleen. While it can be used as a base, it should be supplemented for a complete and balanced meal. Sourced from local farms, pork is energetically cooling, highly digestible, and rich in essential nutrients. Available in 2-pound packages.

pork, pork bone, pork heart, pork spleen, pork liver.

Crude Protein (Min): 17.9%
Crude Fat (Min): 10.8%
Crude Fiber (Max): 1.4%
Moisture (Max): 79.1%

Calorie Content:
kcal/oz 50.23
kcal/lb 803.63

We hold our products to the highest level of quality and standard. Our ingredients are free of antibiotics, hormones, steroids, chemicals, mechanically separated meat, additives, or preservatives.

Small batch
Made in the USA
Ingredients sourced from Midwestern farms