Why We Exist


Unleash the power of nature with our secret ingredient – microgreens!

Packed with superfood goodness, these tiny greens add a nutritional punch to every meal, ensuring your pet thrives from the inside out. Discover the magic of microgreens in our formulas and let your pet's health blossom


Our Approach to Pet Wellness

Holistic Health Benefits

Our raw food and balanced formulas provide transformative health benefits to give pets longer, healthier lives.

Quality Assurance

We leave nothing to chance when it comes to your pet's health. Our USDA sourced ingredients, primarily sourced from Midwest farms, undergo rigorous third party lab testing for unwavering quality assurance.

Brain Boost Formula

Our recipes are like a trusted friend—smart, reliable, and formulated with the insight of leading vet nutritionists. Elevate your pet's brainpower without breaking the bank.

Nutritional Expertise

With the guidance of leading vet nutritionists, industry experts, and advanced technology, our recipes deliver tailored nutrition for your pet.

Sustainability and Sourcing

Every ingredient we use is responsibly sourced, from farms right here in the Midwest, reflecting our unyielding commitment to local and sustainable sources.

Microgreens Magic

It's not a pet food revolution without a touch of magic. Enter our microgreens-infused formulas. Your pet will be the talk of the dog park, guaranteed.